Integrate with Capetonians in the mother city

Table Mountain, the two oceans, and a bustling art scene. The Mother City, as Cape Town is so affectionately known, is one of the most amazing places in the world to explore. As always, it’s best seen through a local’s eyes, which you can make possible right here, right now.

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Wine Farms

From $9.50 per person + food

Enjoy Some Red With A Local

It’s not all about the drink when you head off to a wine farm. It’s about the history of the farm, and the family name that has managed it for centuries. It’s about the vineyards that span off into the distance, and the old Dutch-style homes that throw you back in time. Oh, and uh, yeah – the wine is a pretty big deal too. Cape Town’s most famous export is waiting for you, in a picturesque setting, with a local that will surely become a friend for life.

Craft Beers

From $9.50 per person + food

Get A Couple Of Brews

Cape Town is famous for it’s countless breweries that are dotted across the city. Exploring the craft beer scene is a treat for South African and international tourists alike – whether you like hoppy, fruity or bitter beers, Cape Town’s brews are guaranteed to pleasantly surprise you. The locals have had time to sample and try the range, so join one who knows what’s up – and get straight to the gold!


From $9.50 per person + food

Grab Some Sundowners

The best way to relax and wind down – South African style. What could be better than sipping on a couple of local brews as you watch the African sun set on the horizon? As perfect as it sounds, it’s best done with the right company, who know where to be and when. Grab the best local drinks with a South African and chat as the sun fades off in the distance – enjoy feeling nothing but the present moment.


From $9.50 per person + food

Get Around The Fire

If there’s one phrase to learn during your trip in South Africa, it’s “nou gaan ons braai”. It will make you infinite friends, and bring smiles to the faces of every South African. A braai is at the heart of local South African culture – no matter your background, everyone can get behind a braai. Around the world, it’s more typically known as a BBQ – but don’t dare say this to a South African. It’s called a braai, and that’s final. Enjoy tender cuts of meat and smooth conversation around the fire!


From $9.50 per person + food

Try The Freshest

Cape Town is perched at the meeting point of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, giving it prime access to the fish reserves of the world. Every Capetonian has their favourite seafood joint, and you’d do well to join them. If you’re looking for some world famous crispy fish and chips, a tomatoey mussel pot, the local three-way calamari, or something refined like sushi, the freshest and finest is in abundance.

Open the window into local cuisine and social life by joining locals at their favorite food spots

Japan’s cuisines and restaurants are varied, and exploring them can be intimidating – especially if you don’t speak Japanese. But you don’t have to do it alone. Create a friendship with locals over a meal.

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