Eat traditional Japanese food at a traditional Japanese restaurant with locals in Japan.
Eat traditional Japanese food at a traditional Japanese restaurant with locals in Japan.

Traditional Restaurant

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Prices are per person. Includes a complimentary drink.

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You’ll join a local to enjoy the same foods that they grew up eating. Whether that’s a tray with a variety of small foods, kushikatsu (fried foods on sticks), karaage (Japanese fried chicken) unagidon (grilled eel on rice) or others, you’re guaranteed to experience the flavors that are close to your host’s heart. The restaurant you visit may have tatami mats (bamboo floor seating), walls of paper separating the tables, and more of that classic Japanese aesthetic. Totally immersive, traditional local favorites. Budget ~ 1500 to 2000 yen for your meals and drinks.

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3 reviews for Traditional Restaurant

  1. Franca Alvarez

    We booked two of these experiences for Tokyo and Osaka. They were quite different experiences from each other taste wise. We went to yakiniku in Tokyo, and Osaka was a more traditional “tray” type of eating, which allowed us to try variety of traditional cuisine. One thing I would say is that the description of this experience could perhaps allude to offering different types, and you need to be specific with your host about what your looking for otherwise you could get one of the countless number of traditional types of Japanese food. Other than that, it was fun and I’d happily recommend it to other traveler 🙂

  2. Katherine

    Honestly the best way to meet people when travelling! If you’re a people person, this kind of thing just makes you feel so good. Can’t wait for my next one.

  3. Chia-Jung

    I love this idea so much!! I wish it was in Taiwan too. So much fun and food so good – it’s true that only locals know best!

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