Tourist-District Restaurants

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Infamous among locals as being the restaurants you always read about on the internet, but no locals actually go to. You’re either walking right into a place full of tourists, or just a plain old tourist trap. However, the tourist districts are easily accessible, so they’re very convenient. Take a local host along with you – their trained eye will eliminate the tourist traps and take you to the spots that are authentic, local, and delicious. Budget ~ 1500 – 2000 yen for your meals and drinks.

2 reviews for Tourist-District Restaurants

  1. Jessica Neal

    Great evening in Namba thanks to Saya. There are literally so many things going on in the tourist area that it’s hard to know what’s what and to find what you’re looking for. Saya took me and my boyfriend to a tavern that was immune to the world outside the doors. We knew we’d made the right choice when all the Japanese people in the restaurant stopped, turned, and smiled at us and Saya. So happy we did it.

  2. Xavier Agul

    You get exactly what it says; an unassuming restaurant in a tourist area that others just miss. Our host, Miki, was friendly and told us about her aspirations and some tidbits about culture in Japan. These first hand experiences with locals are a lovely idea, honestly. Our food was of course top notch so no complaints there.

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