Cozy Tea/Coffee & Sweets Cafe

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The café culture is booming in Japan. With this experience, you’ll be transported into a restaurant that’s near fantasy-like and gives you that warm feeling in your stomach. Japanese cafés are popularizing thoughtful plating, calm and warm atmospheres, embracing global coffee styles, and innovating world famous delights like soufflé pancakes that wobble when you breathe. It’s now your turn to experience them, with a host that is passionate about and embraces all that café culture has to offer. Budget ~ 1800 – 2300 yen for your meals and drinks.

1 review for Cozy Tea/Coffee & Sweets Cafe

  1. Shelby Aston

    Loooovely time out exploring cafes with Midori in Meguro. Meeting another uni student was a surprise and gave us so much to talk about and share about differences between UK and Japanese universities. The cafes were all gorgeous and we had outstanding desserts and teas. ありがとうございます!

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