Connect with locals on your travels using a language we all know and love - good food

Create genuine human connections and integrate with the culture at your travel destination by joining locals on a private experience at their favorite food spots

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In less than a minute, you can choose the type of food experience you want in Italy or Japan, your meal budget, and the type of local you’d like to meet. Every additional traveler receives a 30% discount on the service fee!

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We search for the local who’s the best match for you, and put you in a WhatsApp chat together ~5 days before your meeting. If you have any preferences, let them know!


Meet up with the local at the agreed time to join them at their favourite food spots, chosen especially for you. All Doot experiences are private, making them personalized and catered to you.

Indulge in mouth-watering foods with great local company at your side

Meet with friendly locals for local eats, local prices, and local connections

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Natural, authentic hosts

Doot hosts are regular people with regular day jobs, but choose to meet international people to help them enjoy the food of their country and see life from a local’s perspective. Conversations and experiences aren’t scripted or trained for – they’re natural, authentic and casual.

Genuine Experiences

We don’t funnel you to pre-selected restaurants. All locations are independently chosen by locals based on their favourite spots

Local Insights

Speak to locals from all walks of life – opening a window into the local culture and lifestyle.

Transcend The Language Barriers

With an English-speaking local by your side, you can find comfort in even the most unfamiliar of places

Come as a stranger and leave as a friend

Ian McDonagh, 24, EnglandTraditional Japanese Experience in Kobe

I had no idea what dining experiences were before, but I was really impressed. It’s definitely something worth trying and I’d like to do them again when I’m traveling. Our host was down to earth and clearly enjoyed interacting with us, and was excited for us to try all of her favorite Japanese foods. Probably the best part for me was the atmosphere of the restaurant she chose, but having a local to translate the Japanese for us was super valuable too. Thanks for the good time!

Nori S.Japanese Host in Osaka

At first, I took him to Dotonbori and we had takoyaki there. After that, as he said he watch a lot of Japanese Anime, we went to Book-Off which is a big second hand book store in Shinsaibashi. The shop sells not only books but almost everything. He seemed to enjoy there. Lastly, we went to my favorite izakaya near Namba. We had kushikatsu and doteyaki. That’s it. I enjoyed it very much! I tried to entertain him. I hope he had a good time tonight!

Kristen Friedman, 29, CanadaCozy Coffee & Sweets Cafes in Tokyo

Chi was such a kind host, it was great getting to know her!! She took us to the cutest tea and cake cafe near Shinjuku station. It was down a staircase off the side of a main street, we didn’t even know there was a restaurant down there! The cafe owners explained the story (in Japanese) behind their different coffees and strawberry shortcake, and Chi did all the communicating for us. My boyfriend and I were the only tourists in the whole place, it seemed to be a regular spot for most!! Couldn’t have done it without you!

Dale Clemens, 34, AustraliaIzakaya Experience in Osaka

Went out with a friend for some adventurous eating in Osaka. Wild experience that gave us what we came for. Shun was a perfect host and it was just like a night with some good mates. Nice way to meet Japanese people and hear their stories, and eat some stuff that’s way out there.

Tinashe Ramsa, 23, South AfricaSushi Experience in Osaka

Absolute classic!! Mouth watering morsels of sashimi and nigiri, with such airy rice. We let our guide chose all the pieces for us, which came up with some interesting variations I’d never heard of. Definitely try “ika” sashimi when you get the chance – buttery and tender. Would happily go again (with the same guide!)

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