Enjoy Italy’s social meal culture with locals

Italy’s ancient history and diverse regions have produced some of the world’s most famous meals, along with unique and eccentric establishments to enjoy them in. Don’t worry about tourist traps and low-quality food – locals will ensure you’re heading into the side streets where the rest of the neighborhood hangs out.

Join locals…

At A Trattoria

Eat Here With A Local

These family-run establishments are mostly found away from the main streets and heavily trafficked areas, focused on serving and pleasing the ‘regulars’.  You’ll have the menu, made up of regional and seasonal ingredients, communicated to you verbally. If you’re looking for a charming atmosphere, larger portions, affordable price points and to see what meal time means to Italians, this one is for you. A great way to experience homely Italian cuisine.

At A Bar For Caffè

Eat Here With A Local

Breakfast or a quick refuel on the way to work. Not quite the bar you were expecting, is it? At an Italian bar, you may find yourself standing with a single or double shot of espresso, and a fresh pastry to enjoy while you converse with other patrons. Sounds simple enough, but these are the cornerstones of each neighborhood and are the perfect place to meet up before heading off elsewhere, or simply to enjoy the conversation then and there.

At An Osteria

Eat Here With A Local

An osteria is a casual dining spot. All Italians go here, so you’ll meet some of the most interesting and eccentric people. The region-specific meals are cheap and the portions are large. This is best if you’re looking for something plain and simple, and unpretentious. Even better if you are wanting to meet people and hear stories.

At A Paninoteca

Join A Local Here

Fresh, warm rolls stuffed with perfectly cured meats, marinated vegetables and various cheeses are the main attraction. They’re the best complement to an engaging conversation packed with local insights and new perspectives, and maybe with a coffee or two.

At A Pizzeria

Join A Local Here

Italy is home to the treasured Neapolitan-style pizza, and other popular regional variations. With a local Italian, you’re going to find only the best of the best from someone with a trained palate from a lifetime of eating good pizza. Reheated pizza and tourist price tags are out, and freshly-made authentic pizzas are in.