Open the window into local cuisine and social life by joining locals at their favorite food spots

Japan’s cuisines and restaurants are varied, and exploring them can be intimidating – especially if you don’t speak Japanese. But you don’t have to do it alone. Create a friendship with locals over a meal.

Join a local…

For Bar Hopping

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All bars in Japan have their own unique style and atmosphere. As you hop from bar to bar, absorb as much as you can and appreciate these insights into Japanese subculture. After all, most of them only show themselves at night!

At A Sushi Bar

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You won’t find better and sushi than in the Land of the Rising Sun! The atmosphere can be close and personal, where you have conversations with the sushi master. Otherwise, you’ll have the colorful and interactive environment of conveyor belt sushi.

At An Izakaya

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Izakaya are the true delights of Japan. Often plain on the outside, they transform into a vibrant and communal food haven inside. Perfect for adventurous and selective eaters alike. Your host will use their trained eye and experience to take you to only the best.

At A Sake Bar

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Sake is one of Japan’s sacred drinks. Japanese locals have a treasure chest of sake knowledge, with their own unique preferences that they love to share. Standing bars, sit down bars, local varieties or stock from across Japan – it’s a truly exciting local experience.

For Regional Cuisines

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Japan’s cuisine is split across regional lines, resulting in over 47 different speciality dishes. Often cooked at home, they can be hard to find in restaurants unless you know what you’re looking for. Boiled tofu for Kyoto, snow crab for Kanazawa, and monja for Tokyo – the truest local flavors out there.

At A Traditional Restaurant

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The flavors that are closest to the hearts of all Japanese people. It’s the flame grilled chicken, the generous rice bowls, the expertly plated trays of soups, egg rolls, and sashimi…Totally immersive, local favorites.

In The Tourist-district

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Tourist districts are easily accessible and convenient…But they’re full of tourist traps. A host’s trained eye will guarantee you’re going somewhere authentic, delicious, and local. They’re there, but they’re few and far between – so maximize your chances of finding them.

At Some Cozy Cafes

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Café culture is massive in Japan. Japanese cafés have popularized wobbly soufflé pancakes, thoughtful plating, and calm, warm atmospheres. You’ll be transported into a restaurant that’s near fantasy-like and gives you that warm feeling in your stomach.