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FeaturedGeneral Travel
August 11, 2020

Travel innovations during Covid-19

First, a bit of perspective on this pandemic One of my favourite quotes comes from one of my favourite movies - Disney's animated Mulan. After Mulan has run around China…
Best of JapanFeatured
May 25, 2020

The coolest vacation rentals in Japan

Planning your vacation to Japan is one of the most exciting parts of your journey. The sheer amount of options available to you really opens your eyes to the excitement…
BudgetsFeaturedFood for thoughtGeneral Travel
May 16, 2020

The best alternatives to Couchsurfing (2020)

This month, Couchsurfing sent out a message to their users that their home-sharing platform between locals and travelers will no longer be free-for-use. In the process, they've upset a lot…

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