First, a bit of perspective on this pandemic

One of my favourite quotes comes from one of my favourite movies – Disney’s animated Mulan. After Mulan has run around China tearing up the Hun invasion, saving the Emperor, and having the whole Chinese imperial city bow down to her (absolute tear-jerking moment, by the way, kill me), the Emporer says something memorable. He looks at the general of the Chinese army and says to him,

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

And woo, of all the hard-hit industries from this respiratory pandemic, the travel industry has got to be in the top 3. It’s facing adversity like no other.

Fortunately, it’s always bounced back with a vengeance. After 9/11, after the 2008 economic crisis, you name it – it’s improved ten-fold, with innovations the world was only ready to receive post-crisis. Airbnb is a famous, often-referenced example of this type of innovation.

The travel industry is the most beautiful of all

Guess what? It’s happening again. You can already see some of the brilliant innovations that the travel industry is producing, and how they’re facing adversity.

Epic new tools come to our disposal

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Travel companies are forced into thinking differently. As their main business becomes null and void for a period of time, they need to think of other ways to drive value for travellers and stay relevant.

New products are upgrading the way you plan and book trips

Just look at this.

That’s one of the coolest, most helpful tools I’ve ever seen for travel, brought to you by BestPlace – Maps for Travelers.

It automatically highlights places of importance on Google Maps through a free Chrome Extension, and there you have it. Instant understanding of cities around the world. And what’s awesome about it is you don’t even need to be travelling to use it – it’s for planning where you want to stay and want to go to in the city. Yeah, I know all you’re doing while you’re stuck within your own borders is planning future trips. I am too. Besides that, this tool is just flat out interesting, even if you’re not travelling to that destination any time soon.

You can click here to visit and sign up to BestPlace.

Improve your flight experience – especially in this health climate

Pilota is one of the handiest tools you could have in your travel arsenal – pre-pandemic and post-pandemic. Their flagship product uses AI to understand your flight preferences and compare flights based on flexibility, reliability, and safety factors that matter to you. Simple as that. Effective and valuable.

Well, they’ve developed a brand new product that helps you fly safely during the current health crisis, and post-pandemic. Introducing FlySafe – a Chrome Extension that shows the health protocols and standards that are being followed by flights listed on Google Flights and other major flight search engines. You’ll instantly know whether a flight has seat blocking, air filtration, flexible policies, cabin sanitization, and more. They even give an overall health and safety rating for the flight out of 5. Boom. What more could you need?

Click here to visit Pilota’s website and use their AI tool.

Click here to visit FlySafe by Pilota and add their Chrome Extension to your browser.

Change your travel habits and expand your horizons

One of the quickest sectors to recover in the travel industry is outdoor experiences.

Take ROAM, for example – the new way to getaway. Boutique campgrounds and activities, highlighting the beauty of their locations. I mean, just look at that background, are you kidding me? That’s crazy beautiful. I’ve never considered camping before the pandemic, but you can be damn sure that I am now. Crises change the way we travel, and it’s amazing options like ROAM that open your mind to the new possibilities. Sometimes we just need a bit of a kick to change what we’re looking for.

You can click here to visit ROAM and sign up.

Closing words

The travel industry is rocking it right now, with new products and innovations coming from every direction. We’re looking forward to a seriously upgraded world of travel when we come out of this pandemic…

And I wish the film industry was doing the same. Do you know how much I was looking forward to the new Mulan live-action film? Just delay after delay. With that, we’ve come full circle back to Mulan. I’ll leave you with a final quote.

A single grain of rice can tip the scale. One man may be the difference between victory and defeat.

That’s it. Until we can travel again – stay home, and stay safe.

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