According to Google and their travel team, who seem to know more about us than our parents do, we all go through four phases before booking our dream vacations. And all vacations are dreams that get fulfilled one-by-one. So, what are they, and how did you come to find yourself traveling in Japan, Italy or Brazil in the first place?

The Dreaming Moments

This is the moment when you’re like, “damn, I really need to get away” and you start fantasizing about all the options that are out there.

And there truly are a lot of options, especially if you’re a traveller that thinks in terms of cities rather than countries.

At this stage, you start bouncing between countries. Choosing one, zooming in on the details and then zooming out to start looking for a new option. What’s going to make you move onto phase 2, the time-to-make-a-plan moment? Cheap ticket prices. For sure. That’s when you realize that in August, just when you’re expecting work to be slow, there are super cheap flights to Japan. And hey, you know a handful of people that went there and loved it, and you were amazed at their photos. Okay, boom. That’s it. You’re probably going to Japan. Let’s explore further…

The Time-To-Make-A-Plan Moments

So you’ve found your cheap flights, which are flying both in and out of Narita airport. Where the heck is that? Oh, that’s near Tokyo. Okay…So which other cities should you visit?

This is when you start researching the various cities and the “must visit” spots in Japan, and seeing how viable they are. If you only have a week, going way up north to Sapporo might not be an option, especially if you also want to visit Kyoto, which is Japan’s cultural hub.

So at this phase, you’re choosing your various cities and planning how to get there. Bus, train, plane? And once you’ve arrived there, where are you going to stay? This is when you start comparing your accommodation options and looking at the various merits of them. How comfortable is it, where is it located in the city, what’s the price versus rating like, and what amenities do they offer? Will it give me the relaxing or the sociable experience I’m looking for?

You’re going to earmark a whole load of them, and not make a clear-cut decision on it just yet.

Let’s-Book-It Moments

Okay, all those places you’ve bookmarked? You’re about to buy them.

You’ve selected which place you’ll stay at, and now you’re going to bounce between,, Hostelworld and as many places you can to find the best deal. The secret? The best price is usually found right on the original website. If you want to book with K’s House, simply go to K’s House’s website and book directly with them. That’ll give you the best price deal every time, guaranteed.

If you bookmarked Universal Studios or Tokyo Disneyland, it’s time to make the decision: one or the other, or both? It’s crunch time, and this one is a big cost, so it’s one to consider seriously.

Oh, and if you’ve chosen to travel by bus between each city? Now is the time to book it – the last thing you want is for your cheapest or preferred transport option to be sold out.

Can’t-Wait-To-Explore Moments

You’ve landed, you’ve checked in to your accommodation and you’ve freshened up.

Boom. Time to hit the streets and see all the places you’ve read about online. The world’s biggest Buddhist temple? The oldest fish market in the world? Authentic ramen. In just a few hours, you’ll have been there, done that, eaten that.

In the next few days, you’ll have had a dining experience with locals  and made a couple of traveler friends along the way. The dream has become a reality. And what more to do, other than enjoy yourself and take it all in? It’s going to be a lifetime memory.


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