Don’t worry about sticking your chopsticks upright in your rice – there are bigger things to worry about.

There’s loads of information all over the internet and in travel guides like Lonely Planet about how not to offend the locals while travelling in Japan.

Today, we’re going to tell you three ways to avoid offending yourself…More or less. Three problems you’ll have while travelling in Japan and how to overcome them! Same thing, right?

ATM Closing Times In Japan

21:00, sharp, daily. That’s all you need to know. Particularly in such a cash-heavy society, you’ll need to stay aware of this. Get your money out that thing early, often and in large amounts. About 50 000 yen per withdrawal should is a reasonable amount.

Bonus tip, the 7/11 ATMs are particularly foreign-card friendly. Pull out your Visa or MasterCard  and you’re in business. Convenience.

The stairs. Oh, man, the stairs

You’ve got big bags? More than one, too? Bad. Very bad. You’re going to suffer with the seemingly endless stairs within and around train stations.

Also considering the struggles of having a big bag on crowded trains, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Well, frustration and awkward maneuvering at the very least.

Our advice? Send your big bags forward to your accommodation using a bag delivery service. Loads of companies at the airport provide this service for a reasonable price, usually around $20 equivalent. Take advantage of it and save yourself the workout.

Alternatively, pack super light so you barely notice your luggage. This takes a bit more planning in advance, but it’s totally worth it. Doubly so if you’re staying in a hostel and your free space is a commodity.

Spoiled for choice – so go with a local

One thing you’ll find yourself doing a lot is walking up to restaurants, rejecting it and then moving on to a new one…just to reject that one too.

And you’ll have absolutely no idea why.

Eventually, you’ll end up somewhere more familiar. Whether that’s the Shake Shack or McDonalds, I don’t know, but it might well be a restaurant that has fried chicken and french fries on the menu. This sucks, and it’s called the buyer’s dilemma. Spoiled for choice; you don’t know what to choose, and you’re anxious about what food you might receive from a menu you can’t read.

This is where Doot can become particularly helpful for you. Choose the kind of experience that you want, such as a sushi bar or an izakaya (Japanese tavern) and we’ll do the rest. We match you up with a local who’ll take you to their favorite food spots that are reasonably priced and non-touristy. Of course, they’ll also help you with the language barriers and menu translation if necessary.

Only the creamiest bowls of ramen and the freshest plates of sashimi have been discovered this way.

To grab an experience of your choice, simply head over to the experiences page and we’ll have you sorted in under a minute, with your own Happiness Officer assigned to you, too.

Let’s go!

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