Since Doot focuses on Japanese content, we thought it’d be great to start giving you travel content beyond Japan every now and then.

We are lucky enough to have Laura, from Life of a Travel Bug, as our guest blogger today! Laura works an amazing job as a tour guide for a well-known tour group in Europe, and has a lively and witty blog that we absolutely love. Be sure to check her blog out and subscribe to her newsletter. It’s well worth it!

Here’s her post for today – “Czech Europe Out”!

Czech Europe Out

When people think of Europe they think of Pasta, dark haired boys, speaking an exotic language buzzing around on scooters. These people are 100% correct! All this and much much more.

This more is the reason most people daydream about running away to Europe. It’s the 2nd smallest continent yet has space for 50 countries. Australia is the smallest and can barely fit in their own continent. Same same but different then surely? not even close. Each country is unique with different cultures, landscapes and languages. Switzerland is so unique they decided to go with 4 official languages.

Russian for Transport?

Something that is the same and probably the best idea to come out of Europe is their single market (Alphabet wasn’t too bad either I guess). In America you can drive for 38 hours and still be in America! In Switzerland if you drive more than 69KM in any direction you are in another country. Its not odd to be an avid traveller as a European, kinda hard not to be. You can basically move around with nothing more than a national ID. Most borders don’t even check. Buses, trains, BlaBlaCar, ferries or RyanAir (When they not cancelling flights that is) all patiently waiting to take you on your next adventure. To next to nothing I might add. This is the same for goods, services and capital.

U-Bahn in Berlin

This is one of the numerous benefits Europe has, not because they have jam packed 50 countries in one continent but because of the infrastructure and systems they have put in place. Africa has 54 countries and moving around them would be something even Katniss Everdeen would struggle with.

Hungary for History?

The history is honestly unbelievable! It could make even the most avid history cynic sit on the edge of their seat. Ridiculous History, a highly recommended podcast show, talks about the board game Monopoly which was used to free prisoners of war in WW2, how a lot of the Oxford dictionary was written by a guy in a mental asylum that castrated himself? and how some con artist tried to sell the Eiffel Tower for scrap metal. As one does really!

Parthenon, Greece – This bad boy was built in 447 BC!!

Empire after empire rose, each leaving behind a beautiful array of buildings we now use to make us look cultured on Instagram. Europe has been the centre of so many major historical events and even though they mostly involve war it has turned Europe into the power house it is today. If it wasn’t for WW2, BMW would’ve never been banned from making fighter jet engines and forced to move into something else. Don’t tell me you never dreamed of doing your grocery shopping in BMW MF F10 model. Radio killed the video star wouldn’t even be a thing if it wasn’t for Italy inventing the radio and Netherlands inventing the video.


Many of Europe’s natural wonders show there is more to the old continent than just slanted buildings and outdoor cafes. On one side we have The Matterhorn, a mountain on the border of Italy and Switzerland. Referred to as the most photographed mountain In the world (we will ignore the fact that it was Switzerland’s tourism board that said it). Next side we have Santorini Greece – the casual remnants of a born-again volcano that blew around 3,500 years ago. Another wonderful side in Norway (there are a lot of sides) we have the earth flirting with the sun. Or as some say; earth’s magnetic field interacting with charged particles from the sun creating the breathtaking Northern Lights.

The Matterhorn – Apparently the most photographed mountain in Europe!

If Europe was a tinder profile it would be your recommend super like every day. It’s the full package. Km after km of beautiful beaches. In the 1950’s nude beaches in the South of France were bigger than Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes being leaked in 2014.

Norway it’s all sunshine and rainbows?

Europe is not without fault though. You have something you call the Paris Syndrome. This is when people find Paris a little on the underwhelming side of life and get physically sick with symptoms such anxiety, hallucinations and sweating??? This is common in Japanese tourists.

Next issue that is due to it being an amazing continent is how touristy and overcrowded many loved attractions are. France receives more tourists per year than its actual population! 64 mil population vs 86 mil tourists even make me feel guilty for existing in France.

Currently one of the worst issues Europe is faced with is the migrant crisis that started around 2013. Many people that have been displaced and left helpless in their countries have fled to Europe. European governments now face the challenge of helping refugees while simultaneously keep their own people happy.

Food left Denmark!

On a lighter and more delicious note. The food in Europe is something out of this world. People talk about the pizza and pasta in Italy, snapchat about the frog legs and snails in France and day dream about tapas and paella in Spain but these are the Colosseums and Eiffel Towers of food in Europe. What you really want to try is wiener schnitzel, the national dish of Austria. It is served with cranberry sauce and potatoes. Really simple but gives you that rub your belly, do a happy dance type of vibe while eating. Well known in Austria, Hungary and Germany is also Goulash. It’s a stewy, soupy, and vegetably thing that warms your soul!

A traditional French meal in France

Generally, what to eat when travelling is so difficult as you want to experience all that the country has to offer but if you are going to be spending all your beer money on a good meal you want it to be good and ordering new things is often risky. Would love if Europe had something like Doot to help making choosing where and what to eat much easier.

February 2019 marks a year since I took the plunge to run away to Europe and it has been better than any day dream I have ever had!

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