A quick guide to enjoying Japan’s night life, and preparing yourself for the next day.

Hostels in Japan are (usually) great

They’re typically well-lit, super clean, and often have curtains around the beds for that extra bit of privacy. They often have bedside lamps so you can see or read at night without disturbing your room, and there is almost always a no-shoe policy, so the floor is always spotless.

Your mattress is almost always a futon – some thin, some thick enough, and very rarely you get a memory foam mattress provided for you, like in Backstage Osaka Hostel & Bar. Backstage is also rated the number one party hostel in Osaka, by the way, so that memory foam mattress is extra appreciated when you’re looking for comfort and a soft place to lay your head…

Which brings us to the topic of the day – going out in Japan!

Japan travel tip: try the varieties of alcohol!

Japan has distilled world-renowned whiskies, has an uncountable number of infamous chuhi flavours, is a big fan of sweet umeshu (plum wine), and has a booming craft beer industry.

There are loads of ways to try these different drinks, and a hostel with a bar is an excellent way to get introduced to them. Alternatively, organise a bar hopping experience with a local to get introduced to all the best spots – drink the Japanese drinks that they drink, in the places where they drink. It’s a world-famous experience that we’d recommend you try in any city you travel to, not just in Japan.

And Japan is full of recovery hangover drinks…

Especially if you’ve had a big night drinking Strong Zero, you might feel like you’re vibrating the next day and a stick has been jammed in your head. A Strong Zero hangover is a very specific feeling that’s hard to explain until you feel it yourself. Fortunately, there are a bunch of drinks to nurse yourself back to health. Trust us – you’ll definitely need a routine like this if you’ve been drinking Strongs. Definitely.

Ideally you begin this recovery protocol towards the end of your night, but make sure you have this potent stack ready. You do not want to still need to head off to the conbini to buy your recovery stack in the morning.

So, here’s what you’ll want to at least leave in your dorm room, so it’s ready for your return:

1. A big bottle of water (no explanation needed).

2. A bottle of Pocari Sweat (to restore your electrolytes).

3. A bottle of cold green tea (to balance the sweetness of the Pocari, and to give you a little bit of caffeine).

4. A green smoothie, packed full of vegetables (a light breakfast full of the minerals and nutrients you need to accelerate your recovery).

5. A bottle of Royal Milk Tea (for that final comfort).

Drink half of the first 3 drinks before you go to sleep. When you wake up, drink 1 – 5 before and after your morning shower. You might still feel a bit tender, but you’ll be ready to face the day.

Good luck, and drink responsibly!

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