Sometimes, flying on a plane sucks. It doesn’t have to. Here’s our solution to ensure you have a great experience when flying.

What makes a flight suck?

Sitting next to someone that steals your arm rest. Or blows their nose and leaves the tissues lying around. Or are getting drunk. Or have a screaming, pooping child. Or farts.

At best, the person you’re sitting next to is completely neutral. I’d wager to say that the people who sit next to you on a flight and give you a great experience are the absolute minority. So, how do we eliminate this problem?

Solve the problem by not sitting next to anyone!

Best case scenario, both seats next to you are empty. Next best is the middle seat is empty. This, we can live with.

How to (almost certainly) ensure that the seat next to you is empty

Okay, this isn’t foolproof. It works only about 60%* of the time – but those are odds we’re willing to work with.

It’s real simple…

During online check-in, change the seats that you first selected when you first booked your ticket.

Now scroll out of the section you originally booked in. It’s probably full of seats. Scroll through the plane into the emptiest carriage, or the the emptiest section. Then book a seat next to the aisle – not the window.

Block that seat off. You’re psychologically owning that row to other viewers. This works particularly well if you’re doing a connecting flight, where the connecting airport picks up the bulk of the passengers for the final destination.

Bear this in mind next time you have a flight. It’s let us down only 40%** of the time. These are odds worth working with.

*We made up this number
**This one too

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