Which Japanese cities should I visit? Should I visit Kanazawa and skip Takayama?

In alphabetical order, we break down the major tourist cities of Japan to help you decide which ones to visit. If a city you’re thinking of visiting doesn’t appear, pop us a message on Instagram and we’ll add it to the list. 🙂

Japanese Cities, Summarized in Alphabetical Order:

Aomori (popular day trip)

The cherry blossom viewing here is amazing and THERE ARE SO MANY APPLES

Fukuoka (less visited)

Woah, this place really likes ramen (and are really competitive with Sapporo for the “best ramen in Japan” title), and what, this is the startup hub of Japan?? A lot more interesting than I ever expected.

Himeji (popular day trip)

Goodness me, that’s the most amazing castle I’ve ever seen, and a looooot bigger than I expected.

Hiroshima (averagely visited)

Beautiful architecture, a great market/shopping street, the best okonomiyaki, a famous island, and a chilling history.

Jigokudani (popular day trip)

Jigoku-wha…Oh, the snow monkey place! They’re so cute, and boy was that fancy, it was my favorite.

Kanazawa (averagely visited)

The peak of authenticity if you’re searching for old school or historical Japan, and the most fantastic onsens.

Kobe (averagely visited)

Beef, beef, beef – along with amazing European-inspired architecture and a history that few know of…The Great Hanshin Earthquake.

Kyoto (highly visited)

The ancient cultural city where you should definitely bring good walking shoes with and a big budget for high-end cuisine and experiences.

Osaka (highly visited)

The nation’s kitchen with authentic foods from across the continent, housed in unique infrastructures, where you’ll definitely need a local to take you to the best spots. Oh yeah – hit one up.

Naha City/The Islands, Okinawa (highly visited)

Blue water and white beaches – with a vibe similar to South East Asia.

Nikko (popular day trip)

So THIS is where the “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil” monkey thing comes from?

Sapporo (averagely visited)

Modern, quaint, snowy place to base yourself if you want to access the best nature in Japan and the best style of ramen, Sapporo Ramen.

Takayama (averagely visited)

The “I’m only here to access Shirakawago but I found out its got ancient Edo period merchant houses and the beef and sake here is like a dream and I wish I stayed here longer” city.

Tokyo (highly visited)

The most popular entry point into the country and contains all your modern desires – pop-culture, food, technology, and getting crammed in a train.

Yokohama (averagely visited)

The cup noodle factory and China Town, also well-known as “That City South of Tokyo”.


Nagasaki (less visited)

A chilling history, a colonial entry point, and associated with the “should I visit that random Dutch village?” question.

So, is that it? Did we cover everything, within the scope of regular short-term tourism? What do you think?

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